"Our lives are filled with the spirit of rhythm – from the beating of our hearts to the movements of the heavens – and if we listen, the world showers us with melodic beauty, joyful grooves and vibrant rhythms. Let's go explore that magical world!"

Tim's passion is the transformative power of music: exploring how the beauty of music and the joys of rhythm can reach out to touch peoples' souls, nurture their imaginations, enrich their lives and transform their communities.

Tim presents music, rhythm, creativity and team-building workshops for people of all ages - from 4 to 104 – and from all backgrounds. Workshop participants discover and explore their innate creative abilities and musical skills – and they're invariably filled with surprise, joy and a deep sense of achievement. Tim has presented music workshops throughout WA for almost twenty years, in venues ranging from schools, universities and corporate offices through to hospitals, aged care institutions and remote communities.

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"Thank you so much Tim for the fantastic music workshops you ran at our school recently. The work you did with the kids on improvisation, combining the skills they had learnt, was inspiring. The kids were involved and challenged to the max, and loved every minute!" - Dale Twycross, Music Specialist, WA Education Dept

"Today has been great! I really appreciate your time and effort in organising today's workshops. The benefits for our students and staff are immeasurable." - Nikki

"Thank you so much for the fantastic work you did with the kids last term. They and I learnt a lot and loved it!" - Dale

"I really learned a lot and gained focus and inspiration I never knew before!" - Gen

"Hey groova! Thanks for everything. I've learned so much from you. You couldn't ask for a better tutor." - Drew

"Thanks heaps for everything. You're a legend. Your enthusiasm is amazing." - Mick

"Not only have I had a bucketload of fun, but you'd probably be surprised at how much I actually learnt!" - Jill

"You have been an amazing teacher. Your belief and passion in your work is inspiring." - Stacey

"Thanks for all the support and guidance. You have taught me so much, I really feel equipped to take on any challenge." - Jenny

"Thank you so much for all your support, wisdom, enthusiasm and positive energy!" - Fiona

"I can only begin to tell you how much I've developed not only as a musician, but also personally. I feel blessed with the opportunity to have chosen this path." - Tamara

"I could not have had more fun or learnt more, than from studying music with you." - Luigi

  • Hawaaian Alive
  • West Australian Symphony Orchestra
  • Princess Margaret Hospital
  • Edith Cowan University
  • WA Academy of Performing Arts
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Challis Early Childhood Education Centre
  • Jolimont Primary School
  • Mt Hawthorn Primary School
  • Applecross Primary School
  • Leonora Primary School
  • Kalgoorlie Primary School
  • Carnarvon Primary School
  • Fitzroy Crossing District High School
  • Kununurra District High School
  • Claremont Quarter
  • The Park Centre
Tim White