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'Classic Percussion' is WA's only company specialising in the hire of timpani and percussion instruments.

Classic Percussion offers over 1,000 high-quality percussion instruments for hire, from symphonic and baroque timpani through to tubular bells, marimba, vibraphone, congas, drumset, Latin Percussion, African percussion... to exotic items like birdcalls, binsasara, kokoriko, caixixi and mezzaluna... we even have a kitchen sink! We can also supply all associated mallets, beaters, music stands, tray tables and instrument stands, and can arrange transport for all equipment.

Classic Percussion's past clients include the Perth International Arts Festival, Prague Chamber Orchestra, Wicked, Annie, Black Dyke Mills Band, Grimethorpe Colliery Band, Cory Band, WASO, WA Philharmonic, Perth Symphony Orchestra, WA Academy of Performing Arts, University of WA, Bang On A Can and Steve Reich and Musicians.



These are some of the percussion instruments available for hire:

  • Timpani:
    Set of four Adams Professional copper pedal timpani:
    32”, 29”, 26” and 23” with stool
    Pair of baroque/classical copper timpani with calfskins:
    24” and 25” with mallets and stands
  • Marimba:
    Musser 4.3 octave rosewood marimba model M250
    Two Adams Soloist model 4.3 octave rosewood marimbas
  • Xylophones:
    Premier rosewood 4-octave xylophone
    Leedy rosewood 3.5-octave xylophone model 992
  • Vibraphone:
    Musser ProVibe M55 with brushed silver bars
  • Glockenspiel:
    Deagan symphonic glockenspiel model 1590 with stand
  • Tubular bells:
    Yamaha Symphonic model CH500
  • Crotales:
    Sabian one chromatic octave with stand
  • Bass drums:
    Premier 36” concert bass drum with calfskin head on swivel stand with wheels
    Premier 28” marching bass drum with carry strap
    Premier 28” concert bass drum with folding stand
  • Snare drums:
    Premier 14” by 12” marching snare drums with carry straps (wooden and metal shells)
    Pearl 14” by 12” marching snare drum with carry strap
    GMS 14” by 6.5” wooden shell snare drum
    Leedy 14” by 6.5” vintage wooden shell snare drum
    Premier 14” by 6.5” metal shell snare drum
    Tama 14” by 5.5” metal shell snare drum
    Ludwig 14” by 5.5” vintage wooden shell snare drum
    Ludwig 14” by 5.5” wooden shell snare drum
    Sonor 14” by 5.5” metal shell snare drum
    Dresdner Apparatbau 14” by 5.5” metal shell snare drum
    Pearl 14” by 3.5” metal shell snare drum
    Sonor 14” by 3.5” metal shell snare drum
    Brady 12” by 4.5” wooden snare drum with block shell
    Rogers and Ward 12” by 4.5” wooden shell snare drum
  • Suspended cymbals:
    Zildjian 20”, 18”, 16”, 14”, 10” suspended cymbals with stands

  • Hand cymbals:
    Zildjian 20” K Zildjian Constantinople medium-light hand cymbals
    Zildjian 20” French hand cymbals
    Zildjian 18” hand cymbals
    Paiste 16” marching hand cymbals
  • Chinese cymbals:
    Sabian 18” China cymbal
    Zildjian 16” China cymbal
  • Sizzle cymbals:
    Zildjian 18” and 16” sizzle cymbals
  • Tamtams:
    Paiste 32” tamtam with adjustable stand and mallets
    Wuhan 28” tamtam with adjustable stand and mallets
  • Orchestral percussion:
    Triangles, castanets, tambourines, ratchets, woodblocks, almglocken, whips, cowbells, sleighbells, finger cymbals etc
  • Drumset:
    Yamaha Stage Custom drumset with Paiste Sound Formula cymbals
  • Concert toms:
    Pearl 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 15” and 16” single headed toms
  • Rototoms:
    Remo 12”, 14”, 16” and 18” rototoms with stands
  • Latin percussion:
    Congas: pair of Toca congas with adjustable stand
    Bongos: pairs of LP and LP Generation II bongos
    Timbales: pair of Toca timbales with adjustable stand
    Guiros, cowbells, shakers, maracas, cabasa, claves, cajon, agogo, caixa, surdo, pandeiro, congalitas, cuica, vibraslap, tamburim, kokoriko, samba whistles etc
  • African percussion:
    Djembe, shakers, caixixi, kpanlogo, talking drum, darabukka, gankogui, kalimbas, bullroarers, metal percussion etc
  • Sound effects:
    Temple bowls, windchimes, bell tree, mark tree, wind machine, rainsticks, ratchets, flexatones, bamboo chimes, shell chimes, metal chimes, key chimes, sirens, handbells, ankle bells, anvils, car horns, slide whistle, swannee whistle, police whistle, referee whistle, marching effect, birdcalls, cricket call, conch shell horns etc
  • Angklung:
    Three chromatic octaves of tuned bamboo angklung
  • Plus:
    octabans, log drums, mezzaluna, tabla, binsasara, bodhran, devil chasers, bass bows, kitchen sink etc etc


Classic Percussion offers a repair and maintenance service for all models of timpani and percussion instruments.

Please contact Tim White for information and quotes,
through the contact page.